Ugly scenes after Huddersfield and Millwall fans clash as police make arrests


There were ugly scenes on Saturday after Huddersfield and Millwall fans clashed as police made arrests.

West Yorkshire Police were spotted arresting several people after the Championship game which saw the Terriers win 1-0.

A tense atmosphere has settled outside John Smith Stadium with several people led away by officers, with fans pushing each other as police try to calm the situation.

(Photo: Andrew Robinson)

According to Examiner Live, police officers were seen running down Leeds Road in Huddersfield town center and confronted a number of fans who faced the officers with their batons.

The two groups of supporters were driven away from each other with the Millwall set entering the station.

City fans were leaving St George’s Square and the remaining fans had to be dispersed by the police.

The match itself saw Huddersfield exit the Championship table with a dominating display in a 1-0 win over Millwall.

The visiting team, which had won four in a row before the start of the match, suffered an early setback and failed to recover.

Yuta Nakayama broke the deadlock by scoring a monstrous goal in nine minutes with a misfiring cross giving his side the lead.

The struggling Terriers tightened their grip and almost got a second when Sorba Thomas hit the post.

But their failure to double the advantage went unpunished as Mark Fotheringham oversaw his second win as new Huddersfield boss.

from Huddersfield Mark Fotheringham“I’m really pleased with the group, their efforts and their work ethic today – it’s given us a good platform to build on. They are really starting to grow as a group and we just have to bring calm to everything and not be too disappointed if we lose.

“All we want to do this season is stay in the league because we know the club is in a period of transition. The players have never lost confidence at any point and they are really focused on their training and “It’s coming to fruition. I want players who are fit and aggressive and from front to back we’ve looked solid. We’re forming a tough team to play against now; we look very strong.

Millwall’s Gary Rowet“They are fighting for their lives and we knew it would be a tough game if we didn’t do the right things. We’ve had four wins in a row and as a manager you always have that worry in your mind about those types of games.

“You have to give Huddersfield credit; I thought they were working incredibly hard and they looked like an absolutely desperate team to get this win. In the second half we were better, but again we didn’t put good balls in the right areas, and we went too straight in the last 10 minutes.

Social media users reacted to the ugly scenes after Huddersfield and Millwall fans clashed as police made a number of arrests…

@NatSufc99: Millwall don’t travel in huge numbers overall, but the proportion of their fans who go is definitely something to see.

will.adds_: This generation can’t rest, when they do something they don’t care about and when they don’t they get bullied just for staying there. At least make it consistent, respect for these guys to have a pop at each other

t.silva.h: A lot of gazelles go the other way 😂😂 Best Days Away 🍺 🔥👏

lewispaul____: The cars do a great job of holding them back

whoisjonnyg: A bunch of twelve-year-old kids on Stone Island

dazzavino: joint draggers

johnson_alegre: Pathetic, both together.

Jason Lee: Boy, don’t they look pathetic, go fight somewhere else, why do it on busy streets in and around vehicles?

William Anthony: Former Birmingham City guaranteed bill will let them out at the same time as local fans on Wednesday night lol

Mark Roper: Only one winner at Millwall all day

Phil Shel: Can’t wait to see Huddersfield go to The Den later this season…

Stuart Adamson: Some boys have their millwall lot. Always every week

David Wright: It shouldn’t happen in 2022. Like cavemen! Go fight in a field or somewhere, but not in a downtown area where innocent members of the public can be caught up. Children don’t deserve to see this kind of behavior. Growing up!

Martyn Quinn: Go home and get up to go to school

Kevin Pollock: Seems like the small business in Huddersfield is pissing off not realizing that not everyone runs when you’ve chatted to them.

Meirion Hughes: Again fucking millwall I think some fans of the teams should get together and dodge the silly pussies filling in the fucking scum that they are

Courtney Jacynka: Go lions Millllllll and fuck off Huddersfield

Dean Owen: Growing Up

Kieren Duff: During a football game, grow

Chris Robinson: Do people still do this seriously? Grow up bunch of clowns.


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