“Turning Red”: BTS and older generation fans clash over Pixar characters from BIGBANG and 2PM


Pixar’s latest animated film “Turning Red” is turning heads, but not for all the reasons they might have hoped. The fun family comedy has a fantastic twist as 13-year-old Mei Lee explores her youth while trying to keep her secret, which is her ability to transform into a giant red panda whenever she gets excited. The cast includes several POC actors like Sandra Oh, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from “Never Have I Ever”, Jordan Fisher from “To All The Boys” and newcomer Rosalie Chiang. And with K-pop taking over the world, it’s no surprise that we see international phenomena in film.

The trailer for “Turning Red” gave us a glimpse of Mei 4’s favorite boy group ★ TOWN and ARMY were convinced that one of the members, Tae-young, is based on BTS’ Jimin. From the buttoned nose and lips to her signature blonde hair and mannerisms, fans have seen similarities between the two. Tae-young’s description of caring for injured birds while on tour made ARMY confident of his deduction, as Jimin often tried to help injured animals. However, the filmmaker, Domee Shi, shared that the fictional boy group was actually based on members of BIGBANG and 2PM.

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4 ★ TOWN said to be based on 2PM and BIGBANG (JYPE, YG/Naver)

BIGBANG and 2PM as inspiration

Older fans now believe that Tae-young’s character is based on none other than BIGBANG’s Taeyang. Turning Red director Domee Shi shared that the members of anime boy group 4★TOWN were inspired by 2000s boy groups like the Backstreet Boys and their personalities were based on K-pop groups BIGBANG and 2PM as she is a huge fan of both. In an interview with Billboard Japan, she said she was “inspired by legends who can be said to be the precursors to the recent Korean idol boom.”

But if anyone has ever set foot on K-pop Twitter, they know that who pioneered the Hallyu Wave is highly controversial. With BTS arguably the biggest group in K-pop right now, ARMYs have often taken it upon themselves to follow the “BTS led the way” trend to celebrate any historic achievement or milestone. However, many fans accept that before BTS came into the limelight, second-generation groups like BIGBANG and 2PM were responsible for the global Hallyu wave in the 2000s.

Previously, ARMY thought Tae-young looked like BTS’ Jimin (disney.com, @BTS_twt/Twitter)

Unfortunately, some toxic ARMYs have begun to insult and discredit the accomplishments of older groups, while toxic fans of other groups send hate back to BTS. With Domee Shi’s latest reveal, some older fans have taken to teasing those ARMYs who are fighting back by saying that the makers’ original intent doesn’t matter because the world will only see Jimin as Tae-young.

“Why Did They Steal Jimin’s Story”

Some BTS fans tweeted like, “Nobody outside of Bb’s Fandom knows about Bigbang. Idc if the director did it because of them and a 10pm f**kass band. The ting is not our concern 😂 In the end, if I asked a random person on the street who bb is, they would have absolutely nothing to say.” Another ARMY posted, “So why did they steal Jimin’s story with the broken leg bird? 😧 bcs nobody knows the bigbang and 2PM so they have to steal jimin’s story.

One fan remarked, “Yeah, has anyone seen these characters and thought this isn’t the BIGBANG guy?” Another said, “Whoever was responsible for drawing this character googled these 2 groups and wasn’t happy with the results, so they moved on to jimin.” One fan tried to rationalize, “No one is salty, it won’t add or reduce b7s and let’s be fair, they don’t look like any 2pm or bigbng members. Either way, good for them.”

‘You’re all so pissed off’

On the other hand, a BIGBANG fan commented, “It doesn’t matter what you say. Your favorites can’t live up to BIGBANG’s skill yet. You may have the quantity, but we have the quality. Another said: “I just don’t understand how anyone can call the bigbang irrelevant and mean it when every insignificant thing it does pisses you off so much.” One fan added: “The 2nd generation has paved the way.” Another commented, “This fandom really wants their favorite that this cartoon is based on. they are crazy 😂 lmfao. However, there were fans who tried to resolve it peacefully, “Jimin is a it boy. GD will always be a king of Kpop. Both can exist.

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