Tottenham and West Ham fans clash in ugly scenes at London Stadium after the Spurs crowd burst through the metal barrier


TOTTENHAM and West Ham fans clashed in ugly scenes filmed at the London Stadium after a Spurs crowd broke through a metal barrier.

Shocking video shows an irate fan waving a cane in the air before repeatedly lashing out at rival supporters until he snapped in two in the stadium lobby.


The barrier was opened during the Premier League game
Tempers flared as football fans brawled in the London stadium lobby


Tempers flared as football fans brawled in the London stadium lobby
At one point a cane was also used


At one point a cane was also used

West Ham and Tottenham fans clashed on Sunday after a barrier was forced open separating the two groups.

The stewards had no hope of containing the inflamed fans as the clash broke out at half-time, around 2.45pm.

Moments before the mayhem, beer fans could be seen in the footage showing rude gestures towards their opponents as others shoved them, shouting “f***ing come on”.

Fans on both sides then started kicking the door dividing the groups.

A worried woman can be heard shouting “stop it”, to no avail.

As the barrier gates suddenly swing, men can be seen in the video rushing towards opposing supporters as fists fly and beer is thrown at angry fans.

At one point, a man with a cane repeatedly hits the aid until it breaks in two.

Security guards attempted to intervene but appeared hopelessly outnumbered in the confrontation.

Video shows a fan ordering a steward to ‘f*** do something’ as the employee can be heard calling for help on his mobile for the police to come to the London stadium.

The fan added, “Pathetic, look at this.”

The doors were finally closed more than a minute after the punch started.

Hammers News reported in a huge understatement: “There is no love lost between West Ham and Tottenham.

“And several videos have emerged on social media and WhatsApp of Spurs and Hammers supporters clashing in the lobby of London Stadium.

“The rival fans broke through a dividing door and a full-scale brawl ensued.”

West Ham cruised to a 1-0 win, after Michail Antonio netted the winning goal.


A few years ago, The Sun Online reported that Tottenham supporters were attacked by West Ham supporters inside the London stadium, raising security concerns on the pitch.

Spurs supporters were being kicked out of the stadium when it was discovered they had taken up position in the West Ham section.

As they walked down the steps in November 2018 towards the exits, they were targeted by a few mindless idiots who first threw a drink at them before leaving them flying with punches.

The situation threatened to escalate into serious trouble before the stewards finally managed to keep Spurs fans away from the stands.

And the year before, Tottenham banned two fans for life who threw a cup of urine at West Ham fans.

The disgusting incident took place during Spurs’ 3-2 loss to the Hammers in their Carabao Cup clash.

Beer was thrown with punches in the wild brawl


Beer was thrown with punches in the wild brawl

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