Tom English mocking Celtic fans is only embarrassed by himself.


Tom English is having a good time after a number of Celtic fans on Twitter, as well as a few blogs, spread a false story that Nathan Patterson’s Ibrox transfer fee was only 4.5 million of pounds sterling.

The story came from Everton’s official Twitter site, but the price in question was its Fantasy Football cost.

English people find it terribly funny.

I think English’s decision to point this out is actually extremely embarrassing. For him.

Because he once again calls attention to the biggest elephant in the room.

Why we do what we do in the first place.

I can tell you right away; if the mainstream media were doing their job better, if people like English weren’t so inclined to do nothing more than blow in the prevailing wind, if they would investigate, dig, examine every claim and fight for the facts and the truth, we wouldn’t have to.

It’s been ten years since Craig Whyte’s Rangers began their last slide into the abyss.

What were English doing and all his profession doing at the time?

Oh yes, some of his colleagues found out who Whyte was, but none wanted to take things to their natural conclusion and conclude that the club was in trouble. It was us. It was the bloggers.

We had all the important facts about Whyte long before the media did.

We knew the Rangers were in dire financial straits and we were saying that long before the media.

Many of us spent the entire month of January 2012 waiting for the roof to collapse. When the club sold Jelavic we all said it wouldn’t be enough; the media actually thought they could spend the money. Ho-ha.

Then, in one of the most amazing liability repeals some of us have ever seen, the mainstream press has spent every day since the liquidation rewriting history, inventing its own version of reality, and pushing the survival and lies of the victims.

This is Scottish football’s version of the ‘stolen election narrative’.

I don’t care if they believe it or if it’s his opportunity. It is a ludicrous thing for the media to be involved.

They encouraged Charles Green.

They worshiped at the feet of Dave King, a convicted fraudster whom a South African judge called a “flippant and shameless liar”.

He embarrassed them time and time again, resulting in the City of London blaming him for his repeated violations of their rules and regulations.

Not so long ago, his board of directors released his “shady record”, which Peter Lawwell looked down upon at the club meeting and was outright rejected by these clubs.

I have read every word of this document; that’s what the job involves.

I don’t know which pieces of English himself read, but he drooled over it and said he thought Ibrox had shown there was “a case to answer”. Pro-Sevco sycophantic claptrap.

It wasn’t hard to conclude from this episode that he and some other people in our press office just shouldn’t be trusted. They were either stubborn cronies or complete idiots, and to me, it doesn’t matter which of the two … they have no credibility.

So yes, I’m glad English is a happy camper.

I’m glad he found simple pleasure for his simple mind today.

Let’s not forget, the highlight of his journalism over the past two years has been an “in-depth interview with Kris Boyd”; is there even such a thing? They discussed her dog among other pressing topics that fans were eager to explore.

Even some of the English colleagues thought it was toe curling.

I don’t know what business English he thinks he is in, but it’s not journalism.

The reason Celtic sites are interested in Patterson’s fees is surely obvious; it also affects our club and that shouldn’t take a genius to figure it out. Even someone with a brain as limited as English should be able to get it without too much trouble.

And the reason we dig into the story is that no one else is.

This is again the “billionaire born in Motherwell” thing; Ibrox gives his version to the media, the media disseminates it without thinking about it, then has to squirm later as the facts emerge over time.

They ran aground on Ashley.

They failed on Hummel.

They failed on Castore.

They failed when they believed the club’s word at the AGM that it was not necessary to sell.

How many more times will these people be lying and accepting it?

For English, there is no cap on what he is willing to tolerate.

I repeat, whatever activity he thinks he is in, you cannot call it journalism.

He, like the others, is played for a fool.

And today on Twitter, he’s reveling in the role and poking fun at Celtic fans… as we shake our heads.

What a fool this man is.


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