The legendary footballer was giving fans autographs only then the vicious thief took 56 lakh watches

Signing Robert Lewandowski, the footballer of the Spanish football club FC Barcelona, ​​was expensive. Robert Lewandowski, who recently joined Barcelona, ​​had to lose his watch worth Rs 56 lakh. Lewandowski parted ways with Bayern Munich last month and signed his deal with Barcelona. Lewandowski was meeting fans after joining the club. During this time, he also gave autographs to many fans, but a vicious thief took the precious watch from his hand.

According to the media, when he arrived at the club for training on Wednesday, as usual, there were Barcelona fans eager to meet the players. Lewandowski, on the other hand, had recently joined the club which made fans even more eager to meet him. Lewandowski didn’t disappoint the fans either but in the meantime he lost 5.6 million watches.

However, the biggest relief news after this incident was that local police arrested the fans who had stolen the watch and returned their valuables to Lewandowski. Lewandowski himself ran after the thief but he couldn’t catch him. Lewandowski was deeply disappointed after this incident.

Let us tell you that Barcelona gave Bayern Munich a whopping sum of $45 million or Rs 3.61 billion for Lewandowski who performed well in the German league. However, after arriving at Barcelona, ​​he couldn’t show anything special. Despite Lewandowski’s arrival, the team did not win. Barcelona had to settle for a draw in the new La Liga season.

The legendary footballer helped German team Bayern Munich win several trophies, including eight Bundesliga and one Champions League. However, after the agreement with Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich had to be separated.

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