Tarak and Ram Charan fans clash in RRR release

Fan rivalry is usually a hot topic. The animosity between supporters of Mega and Nandaamuri, in particular, dates back decades and has resulted in violence on several occasions. With the release of the movie “RRR”, the rivalry died down a bit, but just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, fans of Mega and Nandaamuri got into a fight, which created a tense situation. .

This happened in the Kodad of Nalgondaa district. Chaaran supporters apparently complained when ntr supporters were tying a flag in a theater. An anonymous ntr fan became enraged and attempted suicide by pouring gasoline on himself. Spectators were notified and the fan was prevented from getting burned. Later, fans of both teams got into a street brawl.

When local police learned of the altercation, they arrived on the scene and quickly brought the matter under control. Officers apparently detained a group of people from both sides, and they were also offered advice. For years, ntr and Charan have been close friends. It was wonderful to see their friendship while promoting the movie. Even after witnessing such a positive relationship between the two heroes, it’s the fans’ fault for being inflamed by a few negative and conflicting spirits.


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