Rangers and Eintracht fans clash AGAIN in more violence as chairs and punches are thrown ahead of Europa League final


RANGERS fans once again faced off against Eintracht Frankfurt ultras in Seville ahead of tonight’s Europa League final.

The two groups of supporters were filmed throwing chairs at each other as terrified locals ran for cover.


Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt supporters clashed in the streets of SevilleCredit: Solarpix
It's unclear what sparked the latest chaos that caused residents to flee for their safety


It’s unclear what sparked the latest chaos that caused residents to flee for their safetyCredit: Solarpix
German partisans used a giant umbrella as protection


German partisans used a giant umbrella as protectionCredit: Solarpix
Their two teams meet tonight in the Europa League final


Their two teams meet tonight in the Europa League finalCredit: Solarpix

A German ducked as one of the missiles narrowly missed his head.

Then a Rangers fan was punched in the face and head after being surrounded by a gang of Germans and left lying seemingly unconscious on the ground on his back.

A friend rushed to his aid as the Eintracht Frankfurt hooligans drove away, but appeared to be in bad shape after the brutal beating.

The Germans tried to use giant street umbrellas which local shopkeepers used for protection as the missiles from the chairs rained down on them after they went on the defensive after their initial attack.

Law enforcement sources identified the location where the incident took place at around 6 p.m. local time tonight as the Puente de los Bomberos in the San Bernardo neighborhood, built in the 1920s over existing train tracks at the time.

It is near a downtown street called Calle Puerta de la Carne where the violence has continued.

Outraged locals retweeted the footage on the official account of Seville Mayor Antonio Munoz and Seville City Hall.

A group of young cyclists on rented bikes had to get off their bikes and sprint to safety as the chairs were thrown through the air behind them.

The violence showed the difficulties police are facing in controlling the tense situation in Sevilla amid growing fears of more serious problems after tonight’s game.

Police in a patrol car surrounded by Germans as they battled with Rangers fans a few yards away could do nothing but radio for help as they were engulfed in a crowd of shirtless men.

At one point in the ugly scenes, the second episode of serious violence to plague the southern Spanish city in less than 24 hours, another Rangers supporter was kicked and punched after getting thrown at a rival fan.

Other Gers supporters who came to his aid were also beaten, with one hit over the head with a chair before heading to safety.

A crowded bus had to slow down as it entered the danger zone, gently nudging fight fans into surreal scenes after finding the road blocked.

Two brave cops who arrived to help the stalled police patrol car were filmed trying to break up the two warring groups of fans as rescuers’ sirens sounded and the Germans retreated in haste.


It remains unclear if any arrests have been made or if there have been any serious casualties apart from the Scotsman being thrown to the ground after being hit in the head.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the latest issues after fans had already enjoyed beers together in a friendly atmosphere in southern Spain.

However, there was also violence last night when riot police intervened when Frankfurt supporters in balaclavas hurled flares at their Scottish rivals in similar scenes between Eintracht and West Ham fans in March.

Five Germans were arrested last night, Spanish police confirmed.

Tonight’s game kicks off at 9pm local time at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan stadium with a major European trophy and a place in next season’s Champions League up for grabs.

A bus had to slow down amid the violence unfolding ahead


A bus had to slow down amid the violence unfolding aheadCredit: Solarpix
Topless thugs wreaked havoc in the city center hours before kick-off


Topless thugs wreaked havoc in the city center hours before kick-offCredit: Solarpix
A Rangers supporter lay motionless in the road


A Rangers fan lay motionless in the roadCredit: Solarpix

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