Rangers and Brondby fans clash in the stadium after clashes with police before the game


Clashes between Rangers and Brondby supporters broke out inside Copenhagen Stadium tonight after violence broke out between Light Blues fans and police outside.

A photo shows stewards trying to control the crowd with fans in rival colors appearing to fight.

It has been reported that Brondby fans ‘rushed’ into the Rangers end of the stadium – but that is unclear at this time.

When the teams met in Glasgow for the first leg, some of the 1,600 away players tried to break through the segregation barrier at half-time to reach the Rangers fans.

We reported earlier tonight on video footage emerging showing Danish police hitting Rangers supporters with batons ahead of Gers’ clash with Brondby tonight.

Rangers and Bridny supporters face off in a UEFA Europa League game

Violence erupted outside the stadium near the Danish capital this evening as Light Blues fans await the Europa draw.

The video, circulating on social media, appears to show a Rangers fan rushing at police and punching an officer, although it is unclear what caused this.

The Danish officers, dressed in helmets, gloves and body armor, then beat the man with batons as other supporters shouted their objections.

The next moment, kicks and shoves appear to target the cops before a supporter falls to the ground and is hit with a baton while on his knees.

He falls on his back as the police gather and appear to punch him more.

Rangers fans scream and swear and the next moments of the footage are unclear.

In the next second, many fans throw their hands in the air in apparent surrender to the police.

A disabled fan told the Record he had ‘never been so scared in his life’ during the outbreak of violence and accused police of ‘cooking children and old people’.

And Gers supporter Alan Harris told the Record there had been a problem with the barriers on the outside of the ground.

He said: “The problem was a complete failure of ticket control at the perimeter. Both turnstiles were supposed to open at 4.45pm, but they didn’t open the inner door until 5.00pm.

“No wonder there was chaos. The police baton charged us twice for no reason. The fans were just trying to show they had valid tickets.

“This is my 45th trip to Europe and the worst I have ever seen.

“I can confirm that I saw a man have his glasses ripped off and another fall as the crowd was pushed back by police wielding batons.

“I can add that when the second wave of police came up behind us I was pushed aside but not bludgeoned until they formed up in front of us.”

On Twitter, Danish police said many Gers supporters had arrived without proper tickets.

They tweeted: “We encourage Rangers supporters who have been turned away at the stadium because they don’t have a regulated ticket to congregate at Entrance H. Then we will help you, so you can return by train in Copenhagen.”

Danish police have been contacted for comment.


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