Ranbir Kapoor fans clash with netizens who wanted to ‘cancel’ him


It seems these days there is one celebrity or another who is the target of the public’s ire. More recently it was Aamir Khan who was targeted and had his movie Laal Singh Chaddha “boycotted” due to allegations of past indiscretions.

Before that, Akshay Kumar spent some time in the crosshairs as people seemingly tired of the actor’s all-encompassing approach to movies as well as his Canadian citizenship.

Now, it looks like it’s Ranbir Kapoor’s turn to be the public’s figurative pinata because of his seemingly toxic behavior towards his ex-girlfriends and former co-stars.

Recently, Ranbir found himself in a cold soup after commenting tastelessly on the pregnancy of his wife Alia Bhatt.

During a live session for Brahmastra Promotions, Alia spoke about their non-traditional approach to promoting the film, “We’ll be promoting the film, and we’ll be everywhere, but if the question you’re asking is why we we’re not phailod anywhere, right now our focus is…”, but she was interrupted by her husband who tactlessly pointed at Alia’s bump and said, “well, I can tell someone a phailod.”

The actor quickly became public enemy number one because of these comments. Indeed, before Brahmastra – Part One release, netizens began digging up old videos of the actor where he wasn’t at his best.

In these clips, netizens allege that Ranbir could be seen acting toxic and rude towards his former co-stars Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Ileana D’Cruz, two of whom have reportedly been romantically involved with in the past. .

This user’s feed contains snippets of old interviews and media interactions where Ranbir Kapoor can be seen berating his co-stars.

The Twitter user captioned the post, “a thread of ranbir kapoor being incel and disrespectful to katrina kaif”. In one video, he can even be seen referring to Anushka Sharma as “anxiety queen”, while in another, an audibly frustrated Katrina can be seen taken aback by Kapoor’s arrogance.

However, soon after news of Ranbir’s cancellation went viral, the actor’s fans retaliated by taking to Twitter to trend “We Love Ranbir Kapoor”.

Many claimed that his comments were misinterpreted and distorted.

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