Oscar fans clash over ‘CODA’ after WGA Producers Guild win


There are certain basic elements that reappear with each Oscar season – the beautiful dresses, the overlong speeches and, more recently, the cacophony of the speech. Sure, people have always been looking for awards season villains, but now they can do it in an endless feedback loop… Fun! This year, Sian Heder’s feel-good film CODA has kind of emerged as some sort of late-stage “bad guy” contender, sparking another grueling round of backlash online.

CODA follows Ruby (Emilia Jones), the only hearing member of a deaf family. Now in high school, she discovered a passion for singing. As opportunities for the future arise, she and her family wonder what their future might look like, together or apart. Spoiler alert: They get it, and there’s a Joni Mitchell cover that will no doubt send viewers grabbing tissues by the handful.

The film received building awards, building on its well-being story, advances in Deaf portrayal, and memorable performances from stars like Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur (a favorite supporting actor). Now that he’s won top categories at the Writers Guild, Producers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, he’s arguably surpassed The power of the dog as a favorite for Best Picture.

Naturally, Twitter was inundated with takes. Some moviegoers weren’t convinced he had the cinematic credentials to win Hollywood’s biggest trophy.

Others pushed back, arguing that critics should recognize its progress in better representing the deaf community on screen, and think twice before openly hating an upbeat and relatively harmless film (regardless of personal taste).

We’ll have to wait and see how Oscar night pans out. In the meantime, don’t worry! Twitter will undoubtedly deliver all of its usual talk, even after Hollywood’s Biggest Night.

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