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Auburn’s Bo Nix and Jarquez Hunter warm up before Auburn’s football game against Mississippi State on Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Justin Lee,

Do Auburn fans Do you really like Auburn?

Auburn fans, especially the student body: why can’t we shoot for our team in unison? I can admit that I haven’t always been a fan of Auburn. My love for this team started with a love for this school when I became a student, and that love runs deep. I sit in our student section every game and hear the cheers against Bo. Today I watched when half of the student section left at halftime.

Bo’s post-match comments about the atmosphere at Jordan-Hare Stadium were not only correct but also justified. I know the disappointment I felt was felt even more strongly by the players on the pitch. I’m not saying that’s why Mississippi State beat us, but how can we expect our team to win without the support of their Auburn family?

The problem is deeper than today’s events. The Tigers have experienced that in every game they’ve played this year, home and away. I could hear Bo’s head calls in my living room during the Penn State game. I can still hear Bryan Harsin’s doubts: “Are we sure he’s the man for the job? It’s sad. It is pathetic.

If supporting your school, your team is too much for you, then watch from your living room because I know there are people who would like to have your place. Before every kickoff at the start of the game, we hear Pat Dye say “Auburn fans love Auburn”, but I’m starting to believe that Auburn fans only love Auburn when things are easy. We have to change the narrative or we may never see the results we desire.


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