Keanu Reeves Fans Take on Matt Ryan Stans After ‘Constantine’ Sequel Announcement


It’s been days since the Keanu Reeves-directed “Constantine” sequel was announced, but the dispute between Reeves fans and those who love Matt Ryan’s take on the character continues.

While Matt Ryan’s John Constantine is enjoying an unusual amount of fan love online following the movie’s sequel announcement, Keanu Reeves fans are getting skeptical. A new Reeves-led movie hasn’t generated much excitement among comic book fans who have traditionally frowned on dark-haired American Constantine, but the frenzy over Ryan’s exorcist currently seems a bit forced for those who agree with Reeves’ take.

“I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Matt is more specific, but Keanu gives a more grounded performance in his film. I don’t think one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other because that they’re playing two completely different versions of the character. Imo” – @RedHoodJuggalo

Ryan has been hailed as a far more comedic John Constantine than Reeves: consistent with the source material, his character is blond, wears a tan trench coat, and is British. Still, the NBC television series quickly came to an end after only one season aired in 2014. The network canceled the show because it failed to reach the 4.3 million views benchmark that the pilot episode had. Additionally, many people criticized the show for being too “Supernatural”-like and not fitting many things into the character’s signature: for example, NBC banned the show from using cigarettes, even though smoking a lot is what makes John Constantin himself.

Keanu Reeves fans are totally fine with Matt Ryan being more comic-accurate, but his Constantine, they say, wasn’t as amazing and flawless in the NBC TV series and DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” ( where Ryan’s character ended up after the solo show’s cancellation).

Now that Matt Ryan fans are furious over their favorite’s fate, social media users are trying to urge everyone not to make matters worse.

“I think @mattryanreal gave a better performance as Constantine, but I don’t think Keanu Reeves was bad, just less comically accurate. I would prefer a world where they could both continue to entertain us as Constantine in two different versions,” Twitter user billvinson said.

Immediately following the announcement of the movie’s sequel and a sudden surge in love for Keanu Reeves’ Constantine, Matt Ryan fans were the ones who quickly rose up in arms and defended their fav. Now the tables are turning again and people are calling out for others not to undermine Reeves’ work just because of the lack of comedic precision.

“I think the movie was a decent adaptation of an ‘American’ John Constantine. I think the angels were both well cast, and Peter Stormare is probably my favorite version of Satan. The dripping oil was perfect and the tense scene.” – @DarkBenzo

A premiere date for the Keanu Reeves-directed “Constantine” sequel has yet to be announced. Plot details remain a mystery, but we do know that original director Francis Lawrence is set to return to work on the sequel as well.


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