For JMU fans, the clash with Richmond at Robins Stadium remains a hot ticket | College Sports


Colonial Athletic Association teams are required to provide visiting schools with the opportunity to purchase a minimum of 1,000 tickets for each game. Teams are not required to take a full quota of 1,000, but the opportunity must be there.

And teams can ask the home team to open more than 1,000.

“They may or may not give them to you,” said Michael Carpenter, JMU’s assistant athletic director for ticketing and customer relations.

“It’s up to them to decide.”

So for a game like this at UR, JMU may ask for a bigger allowance. But 1,000 is usually the maximum, given the size of Robins Stadium and the interest in the game.

Of the JMU block obtained from UR, 250 is reserved for use by family and friends of players and coaches.

Then the school fulfills ticket orders for donors through a priority points system of the Duke Club, which is the athletics fundraising arm of JMU. There is a three-week deadline before road games for Duke Club members to submit their applications.

Any remaining JMU block tickets after Duke Club orders are taken over are then open to the public. But for Saturday’s game, no tickets were distributed to the public, Carpenter said. Approximately 95% of requests made by Duke Club donors have been met.


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