Football fans clash in footage of violent brawls as punches are thrown and ‘blood everywhere’


Video footage showed more than a dozen men battling outside Ninian Park station ahead of the Championship game between Cardiff City and Luton Town on Easter Monday

Police are investigating a violent exchange between Cardiff City and Luton Town supporters after shocking video footage emerged online showing more than a dozen men exchanging punches outside Ninian Park station.

In a 23-second video clip posted to YouTube, a fan is seen on all fours in front of a coach who was carrying Luton supporters after he was beaten, while bystanders try to avoid violence. Observers said the fighting started after bottles were allegedly thrown at the bus, causing some passengers to get off and escalating the incident.

Cardiff City said it was aware of the incident before the teams’ Championship match on Easter Monday and police received additional footage of the mess, which witnesses said lasted up to five minutes . A spokesperson for South Wales Police told Mirror Football they “were called at 2.45pm to a disturbance near Ninian Park station involving up to 40 people. Officers were present and the crowd dispersed”.

Local Police Inspector Kevin Deacy said: ‘South Wales Police will not tolerate any type of violence and we are calling on anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who may have video footage to Contact us.

“The overwhelming majority of Cardiff City fans are well behaved and passionate about their club and will no doubt be shocked by this incident. Whenever there is evidence of football-related disorder or violence, we always pursue those responsible so that appropriate action can be taken.

An anonymous Cardiff fan told WalesOnline: “A guy ran out of the bus to yell at the Cardiff fans. Another guy ran towards the Cardiff fans, a Cardiff fan must have hit him, he was pretty badly injured Cardiff fan had his head disembowelled – I thought it was a bottle but it looked like a belt, there was blood everywhere.

“It was disgusting. It was happening about three meters away from us. More and more Luton fans started getting off the bus. It just started from there. Talk about a good five minutes of chaos.

“95% of the fans were in the stadium. Someone could have been killed – it was lucky there were only a few scattered fans left. I’ve been going there for about 30 years and have seen small skirmishes but it was full It was as bad as I have ever seen.

Another supporter, Dan Tyte, added: “Thanks to the Luton bus which stopped outside Ninian Park station before the game. Heaped up. Punches. Bloody heads. And a guy swinging his belt over his head. Delighted to come down the stairs carrying my three-year-old daughter as kick-off.”

Luton, fourth in the standings with three games remaining, won the match 1-0 thanks to a 71st-minute header from Harry Cornick. They are almost assured of a place in the play-off, six points ahead of seventh-placed Millwall. Cardiff remains in 17th position.


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