Fans Only Sportz Wins City Streaming Bid


By Alex Sponseller

Local sports broadcast company Fans Only Sportz recently won the live sports broadcast bid for Cranston East and West.

After winning the auction and meeting requirements such as the ability to provide commentary, manage four teams simultaneously, among others, Fans Only Sportz will now be Cranston’s go-to streaming service for the next three years. The company has sporadically broadcast Cranston sports since 2018, but will now work contractually with the town and school board.

“Cranston is a great account for us, it’s prestigious and it’s the second largest city in the state. There are great sports and great sports history that we can cover,” said Fans Only Sportz owner and president Ron Robert, who is a Cranston resident.

Fans Only Sportz has expanded its reach over the past few years and is currently the streaming provider for entities such as Central and La Salle High School Football, URI and Bryant Hockey, as well as Warwick’s HC RI. The company has 30 employees and plans to grow to 50 by winter.

The service provides viewers with a high-quality experience, as it is run by seasoned broadcasters with top-of-the-line equipment and graphics.

“The professional level of our commentary, I feel like we have the best play-by-play commentators working for us. We are also completely mobile, our power source, Wi-Fi, allows us to “go all over the country. We have graphics packages, we can have ads. Calling it live streaming wouldn’t do it justice, we’re more like a full show you would see on TV,” Robert said.

Last weekend marked the start of the program’s partnership with Cranston and will dive right into this fall season. To view these live streams, fans simply need to visit their website at and select the tab under the appropriate school.

Robert and his team are thrilled to establish this partnership and become a mainstay in one of Rhode Island’s top sports communities.

“We are very happy to have the town of Cranston. I think it will be great for us to work with both schools and give these athletes exposure. They deserve it,” Robert said. “Being officially part of the community is a great feeling. I appreciate the school committee for supporting us and giving us a chance.

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