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Although the clashing fandoms in K-pop aren’t a big deal as claimed, fan wars are usually fueled by competition between the artists involved. Whether it’s Blackpink vs BTS or EXO vs BIGBANG, fans of all of these groups have clashed for one reason or another. Starship Entertainment’s rookie girl group IVE debuted with single “Eleven” and unlike many other fourth-generation K-pop rookie girl groups, the six-girl group broke many records. with their first single.

IVE announced their comeback with their second single, “Love Dive,” which will be released on April 5, but fans of the girl group couldn’t help but notice how the rookie girl group made their comeback on the same day. than legendary K-pop group BIGBANG. K-pop fans know that second-generation boy group YG Entertainment BIGBANG is one of the few K-pop pioneers to globalize the music genre. The four-boy group have announced a comeback after their four-year hiatus where the group will release their new spring single on April 5.


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IVE and BIGBANG announce their comeback on the same day

Having to see two K-pop groups make a comeback on the same day is every bit as exhilarating as it gets, but now Dives (IVE fans) are worried that with the monstrous second-generation boy band that is BIGBANG and their huge fandom i.e. VIPs, rookie girls will find it hard to bring out their next comeback. IVE will be releasing their next single, “Love Dive”, which is a dedication to their fans – Dives, and just as this could be one of the rookie girl group’s biggest comebacks, BIGBANG fans are waiting. for four years to see their favorites make a comeback.

This soon-to-be-released single from BIGBANG will also mark their first-ever comeback as four members after Seungri’s departure and will mean something different to fans, so many wonders if the boy group would break up after that. All of these things considered, some IVE fans are concerned that a comeback on the same day as BIGBANG might work in favor of the rookie girl group. One fan said, “IVE IS REALLY MADE FOR.” Another said: ‘Can the spacecraft do a transfer back in a few days, like 2-3 days would be good. We can’t take any risk, we are still rookie gg. Another fan said, “DIDNT STARSHIP SEARCHING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S RETURN DATES FIRST YOU DEFINITELY HAVE INSIDER HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE THE SAME DATE AS BB.”

This reaction from Dives made VIPs laugh when a BIGBANG fan said, “Remember when artists were scrambling to get away from BIGBANG cb? Yeah, our boys always got it. Another VIP said, “I feel bad for ive as a rookie band having fans like this,” noting how toxic IVE fans were, saying, “From what I ‘get it, the fadbang won’ Not attending music shows OKAY WE MOVE…and the song being for vips only THANK GOD FOR THAT? for fans of literal criminals and racists, surely you bark a lot. A VIP said, “What an attitude from a 4 month old fandom, very toxic to newbie fandom. What an attitude from a 4 month old fandom, very toxic to newbie fandom.

“We are completely screwed”

Some IVE fans weren’t really toxic, as one fan said, “It will be hard for ive to win this time because the bigbang is back too, but that’s ok, they’ve already achieved a lot as a recruit.” One hopeful IVE fan said, “I can’t wait for Love Dive to organically rise up the charts :

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