Afghan and Pakistani fans clash in a stadium after the Asian Cup


A violent brawl broke out at the Sharjah stadium as Pakistan secured a thrilling win over Afghanistan in the Asian Cup on Wednesday. In the video which is going viral, Afghan fans are seen hitting Pakistani fans with chairs.

The brawl was not limited to the single stadium, as there was an altercation even outside the venue. However, thankfully, it didn’t take a violent turn. Over the past three years, Afghanistan have lost many close matches to Pakistan in big-money events, including last year’s T20I World Cup.

The complex geopolitical relationship they share still creeps onto the cricket pitch, and soon after the match, prominent figures from both countries became aware of the brawl.

Mohsin Dawar, Member of the National Assembly, wrote: “Using a cricket match as an excuse to hurl racial slurs at Afghans is the utmost brazenness. Pakistan’s decades-old policy of strategic depth and interventionist misadventures in Afghanistan explain why Afghans have a problem with Pakistan. Introspect yourself before putting the Afghans down.

Similarly, Pakistani point guard Shoaib Akhtar lashed out at Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) executive Shafiq Stanikzai, asking him to ensure that Afghan players and fans adhere to the spirit of the game. .

“That’s what Afghan fans do. That’s what they’ve done many times in the past. It’s a game and it’s meant to be played and taken in the right spirit. @ShafiqStanikzai, your audience and your players both need to learn a few things if you want to grow in the sport,” Akhtar tweeted.

But in front of the spectators, it was the players who were involved in a fight, the Pakistani Asif Ali raising the bat against the Afghan Fareed Ahmed. This happened after Fareed got rid of Asif and sent him a fiery send.

Many Afghan players, including board director Stanikzai, shared the clip, calling for Asi Ali to be suspended.

As for the match, Naseem Shah hit two straight sixes in the final to see Pakistan exit the finish line. Pakistan also qualified for the Asian Cup final with the victory, where they will meet Sri Lanka.

Main image: PCB/Twitter


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