10 Hilarious Reddit Stories Of Fans Meeting Wrestlers In Random Places


It’s always a special feeling for fans to see their favorite wrestler in person, and the timing would be even better if they had the chance to interact with them.

Fans usually met the wrestlers during shows or meet up events, but only a few have had the chance to meet their favorite wrestlers in completely random locations.

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While most of the fans controlled their excitement and had a decent conversation with the wrestlers, some let their joy control their actions, leading to some hilarious interactions with bizarre results. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of these fan-shared instances on Reddit.


Wrestlers put their bodies in danger and take huge risks every time they step into the ring. But despite all safety measures, injuries are often inevitable in the company.

X-Pac was injured in a workout and was shopping for supplies when he encountered a user u / Busy Bleeding in a ShopRite store.

X-Pac asked the user and his dad where he can find the adult diapers. Despite their confusion, they guided him to the correct section and couldn’t help but ask why he needed it, and X-Pac revealed he hit his bottom on the turnbuckles while training with wrestlers.

9 Grandma Knows How To Get Sid Vicious Autograph

Sid Vicious WWE

Sid Vicious may have half the brains of most people and may not be friendly to all fans, but this grandmother was able to convince him to sign an autograph for her grandson.

tu / super_awesome_jr’s grandma worked at a car rental company that looked after WCW talent. She has autographs from wrestlers like Sting and Lex Luger, but Sid Vicious wasn’t in a good mood that day and said, “F *** you lady! I’m not signing! Just give me a car!” “

But Grandma wasn’t buying any of that and said, “If you don’t sign this, young man, the only car I have could be a compact,” forcing Sid Vicious to oblige.


8 Booker T is still in character


Only a few wrestlers act as their on-screen character in public, and five-time WCW Champion Booker T is one of them. User u / TheDarkPlight met Booker T as he was getting off an airport shuttle in Daytona Beach, Fla.

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He shook hands with Booker, and Booker offered him an autograph, but something caught Booker T’s attention in the middle of the conversation, and it was Referee Nick Patrick walking over to the shuttle. Booker T, without any hesitation, let out a “Nick Patrick, what’s up SUCKA!” right in front of the shuttle.

seven Nice way to stranger even the toughest men

Sheamus and Mark Henry

Some fans would be too excited to the point of not knowing how to react or what to talk about when they meet their favorite wrestlers. This was exactly the case with the user u / goofballergerie when he met Mark Henry and Sheamus at a bar in Boston, Massachusetts.

He asked the two Superstars for autographs and even bought them a tour. But he emptied himself too much to the point that he began to express his heart to Sheamus and Mark Henry. The two wrestlers were so bizarre that they stepped out on top of him without saying anything as he continued to speak.

6 Better be Dean Ambrose


Some wrestlers aren’t the best at socializing with fans, and Jon Moxley fka Dean Ambrose is one of them. He may not be good at gossiping, but he respects people who approach him for a conversation.

The former WWE and AEW Champion found himself sitting next to u / DaBearsMan_72 at the SeaTac airport, and the latter couldn’t contain his excitement and walked over to Ambrose and whispered, “Dude, are you Dean Ambrose?” “

Ambrose responded by saying, “Well, I hope so, otherwise that would be really embarrassing for you,” and smiled at the fan under his sunglasses.

5 Bray Wyatt meets a cosplayer

Bray Wyatt sitting in a rocking chair

It’s always fun for fans to dress up as their favorite wrestlers for shows, and sometimes they can show it off in front of the wrestlers themselves. But no one can ever know how the wrestlers would react, but this user u / Funkyc0bra, who cosplayed as Bray Wyatt, would always wonder if the real Wyatt liked him or didn’t care.

He and his friend met Bray Wyatt at a hotel before one of the shows, and his costume caught the attention of Wade Barrett, who in turn pointed Wyatt in his direction. The wrestlers just had a good laugh as they looked at the cosplayer and gave him a thumbs up before moving on.

4 This guy looks like Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle as General Manager of Raw

A fan can recognize an Olympic gold medalist from a mile away, especially when he has won the medal with a broken neck. u / TrevLewkowicz found himself in a similar scenario when he visited Universal Studios two days later WrestleMania 33.

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He saw a bald guy lining up in front of him for a butter beer, and upon closer inspection he realized he looked familiar. He told his girlfriend, “The bald guy in front of us looks like Kurt Angle”, only to see the bald guy turn his head and turn out to be Kurt Angle.

3 Good Guy Undertaker

The Undertaker and Yokozuna

Although this is not his story, the user u / TheBattler shared the incident when a lucky fan met The Undertaker and Yokozuna in the 90s.

The person was hanging out in the parking lot after a show, and he glanced at the sight of The Undertaker and Yokozuna taking a relaxed stroll.

He couldn’t control the fanboy in him and yelled at The Undertaker, and The Deadman being the good guy he was, hilariously replied, “Uh, stay in school and don’t do drugs, kid” , before continuing on his way.

2 Risking his job to meet Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho in AEW

It’s not every day that you meet Demo God, and you / guilty citizen would take extreme measures to ensure that he does not miss this opportunity.

The user worked in an office building that also housed an independent film company, and Chris Jericho visited them to do a satellite audition for a TV show.

When the building receptionist told the user that a guy had called and said Chris Jericho would be there, the latter told him he was a huge fan and would like to meet him.

Hours later, the receptionist knocks on the door of the fan office with Chris Jericho. He came out of a meeting to speak to Jericho and despite the conversation which only lasted a few minutes, the user mentioned that it was worth the reprimand he received for leaving the meeting.

1 Picking up Ken Shamrock’s Girlfriend

Ken Shamrock makes his way to the competition

u / Throat Babies shared a story about how her father was almost killed by Ken Shamrock. His father was a musician and a family friend brought wrestlers to see him play.

The father got on well with one of the wrestlers and continued to see each other for the next six months whenever the latter was in town. One day, he goes up to his hotel room to have a good time, and that’s when the phone starts ringing.

He picked up the phone, and it was Ken Shamrock on the other end of the phone, who wasn’t happy to hear another man in his girlfriend’s bedroom. Shamrock was in the hotel lobby, and before things got worse, the father ran down the hallway to the parking lot.

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