Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Private Property Impound

October 11, 2017

Cutter or MIG welder you know amp welder , watt generator hose crisper up to inch and a quarter hose I can make tons and tons of hydraulic fittings and stuff to go along with the hoses and everything else and pretty much any part you’d want for a trailer a truck within reason if I’ve had to buy it twice I stock it is sort of my model and I carry six alternator.

Pat mouthy amount in Private Property Impound every brand whatever the guy has on his truck I put exactly what he has on top now this is my my diagnostic laptop from diesel solutions based out of Miami Florida I’ve been with him well over years he’s been very helpful in my business without this laptop in today’s world would not be possible to do what I do it’s about every program under the Sun in its a Mac Volvo Detroit.

Kat Cummings is this Zoo he know and eaten fuller transmissions and Allison all the programs all om programs all updated by him online very good system very good that’s as a cliff it’s a thousand pound wheel lift fully retracted pounds fully extended up to I believe it’s inches I’ve had loads of lumber with sets of B trains behind me and Driver Legged isn’t even there this truck handles.

The weight very well a very heavy suspension I have underneath that sixty thousand pound new air right as good and and the tag at the back you see pictures of most tow trucks and to me it’s ludicrous why they have a lift axle in front of their drives because when you put something heavy on the back I’m not a rocket scientist but think of a teeter totter okay you put a big fat boy on the end of this teeter-totter and put a little guy on this end of the teeter-totter where is it going to go.

It’s going to go like that so why would you put a lift axle closer to the little guy it’s just helping the big guy so put your lift axle at the back where you’re.

putting the weight if I put that lift axle down and you’re sitting in the cab and you watch that bug deflector on the hood you can see it go down so that’s how much pressure I can put on that front wheel and that’s where you want you want your steering back I had a guy that was having trouble with his with his truck down by Latch ford that’s kilometers from newest grid okay.