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It was winter time he was freezing up and I said we’re going to take it down the road I said I got to get you off the road I said I said if you start losing power just let me know I said and I said I’m going to come in behind you and give me a little help and push so we get going out of Lateran I’m sure as hell the first little hill we come to he starts powering.

out so I get in behind him I start pushing them I just start grabbing gears well I cannot see where I’m going at all all I can see is that our scent of a van trailer so if somebody pulls out in front of him I can’t see nothing so we’re going down the passing lane you know north of north of there and I let him go again Matt and we come to the end of passing lane and then it starts.

An uphill and he started losing power again so I come in behind him again and I started pushing him again and I had him up over over a hundred kilometers an hour at one point and I noticed in the mirror that there was a black vehicle been following us all the way from Latch ford I didn’t realize it until I got to Kuala skirt that it was actually.

An OPP which he didn’t have any problem with what I did you know but he said I was surprised you got that thing moving that fast that’s one instance where the bumper is come in handy well since the truck is in its own category that puts you in your own category so what type of title would you give yourself Grand Obadiah especially.